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Happy Customers

OMG Hot Sauce is the best tasting hot sauce I’ve ever had. Unlike most other hot sauces on the market, there is so much flavor to it and it’s actually HOT! Since trying OMG, the hot sauce I used to use went to the trash. I put hot sauce on almost everything and so far I haven’t found anything that compares to OMG. I love all three of their recipes, but everybody needs to try the Original Recipe!

For all you hot and spicy lovers out there, if you want to try a sauce that’s truly HOT, try the Hantu Honey Ghost Pepper Sauce. It’s incredibly hot but it’s also very sweet at the same time. It’s actually really good on vanilla ice cream!

I love this sauce. I like that it’s got heat but love that it’s got way more flavor. It’s different from every hot sauce I’ve ever tried. The OMG original is so packed with spices and ‘goodness’ that I use only a dash or two. It adds depth and unmistakable flavors to everything I use it on. I love it on my scrambled eggs, tacos and nachos. Thanks Guys!

I love all of OMG’s flavors, but I especially love the Island Style Pineapple recipe. It’s slightly hotter than the Original Recipe and you can still taste the citrus. It has made my food so much better. I highly recommend OMG Hot Sauce!

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